How to Get Recruitment Right

Recruitment is one of the greatest challenges your organisation faces. To help you get it right, here are our five top tips for attracting talent.

How to Get Recruitment Right

Your organisation’s future success depends on your ability to find, attract and recruit the best candidates out there. For this reason, recruitment is one of the greatest challenges your organisation faces. To help you along the way, here are our five top tips for attracting talent.

  1. Create a vibrant culture

What does your organisation stand for? Why do you do what you do? What values drive your success? These are the types of questions candidates now ask. Having a strong business culture, wrapped around a clear set of values, helps ensure that all employees are bought in to your organisation’s direction – and will have the right candidates eager to jump on board.

Make sure the values that underpin your organisation are available for all to see. Having a set of well-defined values will ensure that everyone at your organisation is reading from the same page, and can be used as guidelines for assessing candidates during the recruitment process.

  1. Get the process right

Recruitment is a two-way process, with your organisation in the shop window just as much as the candidate. To attract top talent, ensure that the recruitment lifecycle is slick from start to finish. And make the most of technology – modern HR software solutions streamline and automate repetitive tasks, and allow you to manage the whole process on a single platform.

Remember that the smallest details can be the difference between a candidate accepting an offer or looking elsewhere. From the way your job ad is written to the interview itself, make sure your organisation shines at each stage of the process.

  1. Recruit from within

With talent in higher demand than ever, it’s easy to miss the gems right under your nose. Searching your existing talent pool for upcoming talent has numerous benefits: it promotes employee engagement and loyalty, helps strengthen your organisation’s culture and values, and saves time and money compared with searching externally.

Being known as an employer that recruits from within will also act a big selling point to candidates, who will know that their career development is in safe hands.

  1. Offer something different

These days, candidates expect more than just a decent salary. To attract the best and brightest you’ll need to offer a generous benefits package that adds real value to their lives. More than just the standard offering of pension contributions and private health insurance, your offering should be designed to make your employees lives easier, healthier and more enjoyable.

For example, you could offer free mindfulness courses to help combat work-related stress, access to financial advisors to help your staff better manage their money, or provide flexible benefits that allow each individual to pick something that suits their needs. This, along with flexible working options, show candidates that you care about their lives outside of work.

  1. Put engagement at the heart of your strategy

Organisations are finally waking up to the fact that an engaged workforce is good news for everyone. To attract and retain the best candidates, make sure that employee engagement is at the heart of your HR and talent management strategy.

When making key business decisions, ask yourself the following question: will this decision improve employee engagement? If the answer is no, you risk losing your most valuable asset: your people. Ultimately, if your people are happy, your business will thrive.


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