What can employers do to avoid sexual harassment claims?

by Emma Bullen

Is your organisation prepared for a potential claim? READ MORE


Sad Santa a victim of the gig economy

by Elliot Glynn

While taking days off to shop for presents this year, don’t forget to spare a moment to consider the appalling working conditions faced by the original mobile worker, every single year. READ MORE


Save Santa! It’s time he got himself a HR team

by Elliot Glynn

We recently discussed how Santa struggles with his Christmas workload, which may have been a satirical message, but it had an important message within it. Read below for our top three tips to avoid a burnt out workforce this Christmas. READ MORE


Boost your CSR plans with micro-engagement events

by Maddy Keating

One off or annual cultural events can become a quick and easy way to engage employees, even if it is only in the short term. Are schools the masters of this type of engagement? READ MORE

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