The Feasibility of the Four Day Week

by Stuart Price

In the latest trend, workforce's across the world trial the efficiency of a four day week in a hope to improve employee's work / life balance and wellbeing. In our latest blog, MHR's Stuart Price offers advice on the feasibility of introducing a four day week and how organisations would need to adapt to make it happen. READ MORE


Can your name determine your career?

by Maddy Keating

Are you likely to become an HR expert, an engineer, a chef or a CEO? READ MORE


NJC pay-scales: A rise for local governments and a symbol of changing times

by Paul James

The National Joint Council and unions are in agreement over pay changes, here’s what you need to know. READ MORE


Why Go Digital? Because evolution or extinction are the only options.

by Elliot Glynn

Digital transformation. Because you can’t back up a notepad. READ MORE

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