Invest in your people to keep them engaged

by Asimina Stamatiou

Can your organisation become your employees' friend? READ MORE


Is ice cream the ultimate summer engagement reward for your people?

by Maddy Keating

Are your people struggling to stay focused in the heat? Sometimes small rewards can have a big impact. READ MORE


Tech Utopia vs. Dystopia 3

by Hannah Jeacock

In part three of this four-part series on technological-utopianism, Hannah will discuss the most up to date philosophies around technology and what the use of technology is seen as now. READ MORE


Gender Pay Gap Reporting to be implemented in Ireland

by Rachel Mapleston

What Gender Pay Gap Reporting means for Ireland READ MORE


Tech Utopia Vs. Dystopia 2

by Hannah Jeacock

In the second part of a four-part series, Hannah Jeacock discusses what tech utopia is and how we have viewed utopia in the past. READ MORE

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