What I learned about recruitment and motivation from Sir Ranulph Fiennes

by Rebecca Parr

Highlights from Sir Ranulph Fiennes' inspiring speech at MHR's HR Director's Club at Claridge's 2018 discussing how important motivation is to consider during the recruitment process. READ MORE


PAYE: Prepare To Be Modernised

by Rachel Mapleston

PAYE Modernisation is set to change the face of payroll forever, here’s what you need to know... READ MORE


GDPR: One Month On

by Ian Stewart

The GDPR deadline was not the finish line, but the start of a new age of data privacy. We look at implications of what is changing, one month on. READ MORE


Tech Utopia vs. Dystopia

by Hannah Jeacock

In the first part of a four-part series, Hannah Jeacock discusses the use of technology and some of the potential risks we need to be mindful of. READ MORE


Want engaged staff? Here’s how...

by Asimina Stamatiou

How do you discover the root cause of a disengaged workforce and quickly improve this? READ MORE


Isn’t It Time To Embrace The Future of Workforce Management?

by Stuart Price

What does the future of workforce management look like and what are the benefits that your business could be missing out on? READ MORE

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