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HR Festive Headaches – and How to Avoid Them

09 December 2019

The executive pay gap: how to report your executive pay ratio

Don’t leave it late to prepare your CEO pay gap data. Here’s how to plan, calculate and report it in line with the executive pay regulations.

06 December 2019

iTrent hacks: getting the most out of Electric

Electric is the latest and soon to be only iTrent theme. The user interface and navigation hugely improves the experience, with users able to create their own branded areas and get a system that feels far more personal to them.

31 October 2019

HR horror stories to haunt you this Halloween

This Halloween, we share our monster tales of HR horror. Could they happen to you? Heed our advice to avoid these tricky situations!

25 October 2019

Managing your workload with the help of GBBO

Despite the gleeful enjoyment of audiences all over the world, the bakers of Great British Bake Off have a lot to handle.

08 October 2019

How to discuss mental health with your employees

Poor mental health is widespread in the workplace, but many struggle in silence because their managers lack the skills to offer the support required.

04 October 2019

The importance of HR support

HR support shouldn't be a luxury and as a small business it can be vital to ensure you're not faced with excessive legal fees.

30 September 2019

5 top tips to overcome the UK’s long hours culture and drive productivity

Employees in the UK work some of the longest days in Europe, yet the nation’s productivity problem still persists.

24 September 2019


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