Volatile retail climate calls for agile HR processes

by Stephanie Murtagh

Having the right HR infrastructure can help retailers deliver the efficiencies required to respond agilely to organisational change and an evolving market. READ MORE


How We Made Bad Managers – and How to Fix it

by Julie Lock

Effective people management has never been more important, and yet we constantly hear about bad managers – what’s going wrong? READ MORE


10 Things to Think About For Your Privacy Notice

by Stephanie Murtagh

With GDPR fast approaching, here are some handy tips for updating your privacy notice. READ MORE


GDPR – How Important is Data Minimisation?

by Stephanie Murtagh

In order to be GDPR compliant, organisations will have to adhere to new data minimisation requirements. Here's what you need to know. READ MORE


It's Equal Pay Day 2017

by Stephanie Murtagh

Today (Friday 10 November) is Equal Pay Day 2017, the day of the year when women in full-time employment in Britain effectively stop being paid relative to men. READ MORE


The Benefits of Benefits

by Nick Edwards

With a generous benefits package now an expectation when considering a new job, is your organisation offering enough to secure top talent? READ MORE


Is Flow the Key to Employee Engagement?

by Julie Lock

MHR's Julie Lock takes a looks at 'flow' - the secret to workplace happiness, increased productivity & talent retention. READ MORE

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