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Employment Tribunal Fees Quashed - What Next for Employers?

In a comprehensive judgement, quoting legal principles from sources as far back as the Magna Carta, the Supreme Court on Wednesday 26 July quashed the government’s Employment Tribunal fee scheme. READ MORE


Well-Being at Work: The Next Chapter

Why business leaders and HR experts alike should banish the stigma around mental health at work and promote employee well-being, for better engagement, greater happiness and productivity. READ MORE


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Do You Operate Chicken and Egg HR Management?

How can HR professionals keep their HR system knowledge up-to-date without losing time to spend on their day job? READ MORE


Justin King CBE – Eight C's for Great Leadership

Justin King CBE, former CEO of Sainsbury’s and current Vice-Chair of private equity firm Terra Firma, spoke at MHR’s June 2017 HR Directors Club, sharing his wisdom from a fascinating career in business. READ MORE


Getting The Most From Outsourced Relationships

A good working relationship between your business and someone who provides you with some sort of outsourced service is not something that happens overnight. READ MORE


Hidden Disabilities: How HR and L&D Can Help Career Progression

Research shows that the issue of disability is sometimes being "sidestepped in HR development", and those with hidden disabilities suffer the most in the workplace. How can your business address this issue responsibly? READ MORE


Tips for Hiring the ‘Right’ Staff

When asked the question of what makes new employees 'right' for a business, the answer that often comes up is how their work ethic and personality fit within the team. READ MORE


GDPR: The Facts

Your HR department's definitive guide to complying with the new GDPR regulations - no confusing stats, no conflicting information! READ MORE

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