Get The Best From Employee Engagement Activities From Day 1

by Stephanie Murtagh

How do you really manage to engage employees and keep them that way from day one? Here are some key tips to help your engagement strategies succeed. READ MORE


How Can We Enhance The 'Humanness' Of HR?

by Juliet Hailstone

The use of bots in HR isn't about replacing humans with tech. It's about freeing you up from admin tasks to focus on the really valuable human skills. READ MORE


It is time for HR to fight the faff

by Emma Parmar

With Chatbots, processing expenses, holidays, absences and other administrative burdens are a breeze! Fight the faff in HR and free up your day for what's most important with the latest AI technology READ MORE


Charities - How To Recruit From The Untapped Talent Pool

by Stephanie Murtagh

How to make the most of often overlooked recruitment and talent management opportunities within the charity/Not For Profit (NFP) sector. READ MORE


The Spring Budget 2017 – A Strategic Approach To Talent Creation

by Emma Renke

MHR's employment law specialist takes a focused look at the Spring Budget 2017, and how it implicates talent creation and management in the UK. READ MORE


Why A Bot Is Your Next Best Friend

by Juliet Hailstone

Not all bots are a threat! In fact, many are a superpower...your fastest route to a personal assistant that can enhance your HR function. READ MORE


Top 5 Ways To Make Your HR 'Hygge'

by Juliet Hailstone

In order to develop your workforce both at home and oversees, HR departments in the UK should take inspiration from 'hygge'. READ MORE

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