How To Attract New Talent In A 'Less Attractive' Industry

by Juliet Hailstone

If your company doesn't operate in an industry that automatically attracts new talent due to reputation, high salaries or job availability, how do you make sure you're not missing out on attracting top talent? READ MORE


Honey, I've Lost the Talent

by Juliet Hailstone

According to The Guardian, the UK is a world leader in "skills", with a more skilled workforce than ever before - " Great news, right? Well not quite... READ MORE


Retail - Who Said The High Street Was Dead?

by Juliet Hailstone

According to a recent PwC blog, retailers were closing high street stores at an average rate of 15 per day at the beginning of 2016 - a net total of 503 stores closed and an increase from a 14 average in 2015. READ MORE

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