Compassion at work

How does compassion at work link to productivity and profitability? And how can we be more compassionate at work? Guest blogger Katrin Kircheis talks us through the considerations...

Connecting and Collaborating Effectively in a Remote Work World

Over two thirds of the global workforce have had to rapidly adapt to working remotely over the last few months. This has put not only enormous pressures on business as they have had to adopt a strategy which often takes a long time to implement, but also the impact on employees, many of whom have never worked outside of the conventional workplace before.

27 May 2020

Mental Health At Work During Lockdown

26 May 2020

Debunking The Multi-tasking Myth

Guest-blogger Erika shares her techniques for establishing a strong daily routine that encourages a one-task focus approach, makes room for distraction breaks, and prioritises your well-being.

26 May 2020

Mental Health: What can employers do to help?

When the whole coronavirus situation started looming, the last thing on our minds was mental health. Most of us were probably concerned about our own physical health and that of our loved ones or worrying about how this was going to impact our lives in terms of freedom of movement. Mental Health blogger, Emma Brooks, shares her thoughts on how Coronavirus is impacting out mental health this Mental Health Awareness Week.

18 May 2020

What happens when the security solution becomes the security problem?

Privilege access management using passwords, is still one of the most effective and widely used methods of access control available today and shows no signs of changing anytime soon, so what happens when this security solution becomes the security problem?

14 May 2020

What Will Work Look Like? Transitioning into a New Paradigm

Creative scientist and futurist Katherine Templar Lewis shares her fourth guest blog in the series, discussing how the pandemic has created an opportunity for learning, but it has to be an active decision we need to take with both hands.

12 May 2020

Self-management: how the care sector is leading the way

In Katrin's first two blog posts of this series, we explored what self-management is, how it works in a team environment and some simple steps to get it started in your company. In this third part, Katrin wants to shine the spotlight on three organisations in the care sector that have adopted these principles of self-managing teams and human-centered workplaces, and the three things they all have in common.

07 May 2020

What are you going to change in the post pandemic workplace?

We’ve all spent the last few years talking about the future of work and how automation, globalisation, gig economies and boundary-free work will shape the workplace but the COVID-19 pandemic has brought more immediate change to many businesses. Have you already started thinking about what the workplace is going to be like in the post-pandemic world? If not, Andy Davies urges you to start planning now...

05 May 2020


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