Supporting Bereaved Parents: ‘Jack’s Law’ Comes into Effect

The World of Work: 2020

The world of work today is a seismic shift away from how it was in the previous decade, and technological advances, societal attitudes, and environmental pressures are only accelerating the rate of change. We asked 5 experts from different fields to give their opinions on what 2020 holds...

30 January 2020

How Recruitment Has Changed Over the Past Decade

For years, the recruitment industry remained fairly static in its approach to hiring. In this article, we look at some of the ways in which the recruitment industry has changed over the past decade.

28 January 2020

Electric Switch tips

With the deadline to the Electric switch right around the corner, some organisations who haven’t fully switched their profiles may not be confident using their system after 1st April 2020. With that in mind, we’ve got some tips and FAQs to ensure you’ve got the basics right, so that you’re ready to go in Electric!

15 January 2020

Get your implementations right

Getting your implementation right is absolutely crucial to ensure your organisation gets the estimated value from the project, and that teams are on board and happy to embrace your new process.

15 January 2020

HR Festive Headaches – and How to Avoid Them

To help you through the holiday season, Dawn Brown HR expert at leading HR and Payroll provider MHR explores some of the key issues facing HR professionals over the festive period and what you can do to prevent them.

09 December 2019

The executive pay gap: how to report your executive pay ratio

Don’t leave it late to prepare your CEO pay gap data. Here’s how to plan, calculate and report it in line with the executive pay regulations.

06 December 2019

iTrent hacks: getting the most out of Electric

Electric is the latest and soon to be only iTrent theme. The user interface and navigation hugely improves the experience, with users able to create their own branded areas and get a system that feels far more personal to them.

31 October 2019

HR horror stories to haunt you this Halloween

This Halloween, we share our monster tales of HR horror. Could they happen to you? Heed our advice to avoid these tricky situations!

25 October 2019


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