Our People

Software Development

"I joined MHR back in 1997 and am now a Senior Developer. I have worked using a variety of programming languages across two different software products. Experience has shown me that MHR will give you all the opportunities you need for career development if you have the desire and motivation to succeed" - Sally Young, Software Engineer

"MHR really supports and invests in its people, I have already been given opportunities to improve my skills and knowledge by attending seminars, training courses, reading books and journal articles and by shadowing colleagues" - Asimina Stamatiou, Product Manager

"MHR has given me the opportunity to apply what I've learnt at University to real business. I work as a Software Engineer in the Research Department and I have the opportunity to explore latest technologies as well as generate and propose new ideas" - Milena Iacovidu, Software Engineer


Account Management

"MHR has enabled me to progressively develop my skills and experience. My last few jobs had been very repetitive so to come to a company where no day is the same and the people are friendly makes MHR really stand out." - Laurel Mitchell, Account Manager



"A Consultancy role at MHR’ suits the fast thinker and calm authority. People depend upon your knowledge and your experience, your listening and creative skills, and at the end of the day, there's little as satisfying as turning a difficult problem into a working solution." - Jeff Tullin, Senior Associate


"I had worked for my previous employer for a number of years and wanted to make sure that the next job I took had the right balance of challenge and job satisfaction. MHR develop employees, so that their knowledge can be passed on to their customers, which creates a win-win situation for everybody." - Ian Daykin, HR Consultant



"I started working for MHR in 2005 as a Payroll Administrator. In my previous roles, I had not thought about my working life as a career, a job was simply something to pay the bills. However, within the first few months of working at MHR, I began to realise that there were opportunities available.

My manager worked with me to establish a career route within payroll. I have progressed through the CIPP Fast Track Diploma and CIPP Advanced Diploma, and am now studying towards completing the CIPP MSc Qualification.


Strategic Projects

"Team working and sharing knowledge is a key attribute in any organisation especially if you want to retain the best people and reap the rewards financially. Having come from a predominantly HR background, I’ve learned a lot about payroll, technology and integrated systems. Working on strategic projects brings its risks but I’ve found that with a strong team alongside you, most challenges can be overcome…and that is both empowering and rewarding" - Amanda Challoner, Programme Manager - Strategic Projects


Sales, Pre-Sales and Bid

"MHR has captured my passion for career progression. As PA to the Managing Director when I joined, I became a real advocate for MHR and iTrent software, so I moved into the Sales Team as a Pre-Sales Consultant. Travelling, meeting new people and championing MHR and iTrent is now my daily ‘pick me up’ and I couldn’t have done it without the help and guidance provided by my colleagues and peers" - Nicola Hallam, Pre Sales Consultant

"I have worked at MHR since 1990 and have seen it grow steadily, always embracing the latest appropriate technologies and still thinking well into the future with an ambitious and achievable development plan. An approachable environment has evolved across the whole organisation with easy access to all employees and directors, essential for a company striving for the very best." - Jamie Colville, Bid Team Manager


Customer Service and Support

"In my first week I was thinking this is the best job I have ever had and I am still saying the same thing 25 years later. I don’t like jobs that are boring or repetitive and fortunately each day I find myself doing something that I never planned. I can safely say that I would recommend employment with MHR to everyone" - Dave Hill, Service Desk Analyst