iTrent Training

Our iTrent training courses help customers to achieve their objectives for their iTrent software implementation.

Whether it’s providing that ‘light bulb’ moment on your learning journey or tackling a specific training issue, we bring the best iTrent experience available and inject iTrent training innovation into your business and processes.


iTrent training courses include:

  • Core programmes focusing on the provision of core iTrent skills and competencies required to get the best out of iTrent software - course topics include system configuration, workflow, setting up employee and manager self-service and keeping iTrent healthy
  • Modular programmes for those that want to achieve more from iTrent - course topics include setting up web recruitment, learning events and reporting with Business Objects
  • Masterclass training that equips customers with ultimate knowledge in areas such as Business Objects Webi and Deski, and iTrent workflow


Our approach to your iTrent training:

Training flexibility

Instead of a traditional fixed course structure our customers can pick and mix from bite size half day sessions to ensure effective coverage that is specific and relevant to the organisation. If our customer has a new team with a specific training focus, we work closely together to analyse training needs and develop an appropriate, results-driven training programme.

Dynamic delivery options

It’s important that you receive the training you need when you need it. Our dedicated training centre provides an unrivalled environment to support and encourage knowledge transfer. Alternatively, we can provide an online environment for you to undertake, monitor and assess completion of training courses on demand.

Real business benefits

Our training options are delivered with clearly defined objectives, an understanding of what our customers want to get out of the course and a post-course assessment of knowledge transfer. Our trainers are passionate about learning and will help support the development of your knowledge to help transform your business.