Engineer a career with us


At MHR we pride ourselves on all of our products being designed, built, maintained and enhanced by our exceptional team of engineering professionals based in our offices situated near the Nottinghamshire/Leicestershire border.

We're always on the look out for people like you (yes you) to come on board and check out our code. We'd really like you to, because frankly, we are damn proud of it. It's clean as a whistle, forward thinking, and well, we could go on, but come and see for yourself.

Can you make code love you back?

If so then we really want you to click apply, we might even offer biscuits at interview, they'll be nice ones too!

Crack the code you'll go far

 We use Angular and if you use it too we'd love to chat. If you don't but would love to learn then that's dandy with us. We're really keen on training and making our engineers better, as being better comes from a collective rather than a single person. With an average of 5 days training for each person each year we really want you to be your best, as without the skills you bring, our award winning software would be, well, not so award winning.

Seriously no more puns

So in the words of Dr Pepper 'What's the worst that can happen?' - come and talk to us. We think you'll find somewhere that you can call home* and really become the engineer that you should be.

*for legal reasons the office isn't your home, we'll look after you but recommend you have somewhere to spend the evening and weekends.

seize the afternoon

Come on, we enjoy working here and think that if you love clean code and working where professionalism is valued so will you. If you only click one more button today, make this the one. What are you waiting for? Apply now