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Are you looking for a partnership where someone listens to your concerns, understands your challenges, and delivers clear and effective solutions?

At MHR, that's exactly what we do.

Working together, we'll build the right solution to fit the specific needs of your business. We'll work with you to ensure we get the right information that helps us to build and deliver the best service for your organisation.

We understand that its your people that make any organisation successful, so providing them with the right advice, service, tools and information is critical.


HR & Payroll Expertise

We help you achieve success through a combination of business transformation, service delivery and our innovative and award-winning software iTrent.

We can work with you on the current and future needs of your organisation, either by building a service proposition that allows us to manage all your HR and Payroll needs, or delivering a service that enables you to have part or total ownership.  


Trust in MHR

A complete HR & Payroll solution

MHR is more than just a single product offering; it’s a complete HR and Payroll solution, enabling you to transform your working practices, and equip, train, mobilise and pay your people, while ensuring that your organisation is fit for the future.


Prepare for the Future of Work

Our services and software come together to form a complete HR and Payroll package – from strategic consultancy and professional training to advanced software features, such as our Chatbot or the latest enhancements for managing performance and Talent Check-ins.

We also appreciate that there’s a lot to consider in terms of planning for the future. The world of work is going through a significant period of change, whether through the impacts of automation, talent shortages, or emerging work practices.

We understand the importance of being future-ready, and we work with customers across multiple industries to deliver solutions that help overcome these challenges.



How can we help?

You won’t have to concern yourself with managing multiple suppliers, complicated services, project managers, hosting services or even ongoing support. With MHR and the iTrent solution, you’ll get that all in one place. We understand that you need to put your customers and your people first, which is why we aim to deliver a solution where we can become your one provider.


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Choosing the right partner is always an important step. If you want to discover more about MHR, please get in touch and find out what we can do for you.

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